Swiss-Tech’s state of the art 45,000 square foot manufacturing facility houses (27) CNC Swiss Machines, (63) CAM Swiss Machines, (6) CNC Turning Machines, (2) CNC Milling Machines, and a variety of finishing, deburring, and polishing machinery.


Information Technologies

Swiss-Tech LLC runs on state of the art, fully integrated Epicor 10 software.

Quality Assurance

Swiss Tech has a well-equipped, comprehensive quality lab including an optical CMM with touch probe capabilities and an ultra-high precision laser scan micrometer. We also use an Oasis Optical Profiler on our production floor. Of course we also have many optical comparators and all other gaging required assuring all product specifications are met.

CNC Swiss Machine

27 machine ranging up to 32mm bar capacity with various capabilities, sub spindle pickoff, live cross tools, live end working (sub and main spindle) and full “C” axis.

Cam Swiss Machines

59 machines ranging to 20mm bar capacity with various capabilities, single point threading, light milling/slotting, pickoff and back drilling.

 CNC Mill/Turn & Turning Machine

6 machines ranging up to 42mm bar capacity and from 2 to 13 axis capabilities including full “Y” axis milling.

CNC Milling Machines

2 machines with capabilities ranging from drilling and tapping to milling with full 4th axis and pallet changing.

Finish Machining & Deburring/Polishing

A full complement of equipment and skills capabilities for turning, milling, surface grinding, thread rolling, drilling, tapping, broaching, bead blasting, wheel deburring, hand deburring and polishing, rotary and vibratory tumbling, ultrasonic wash and standard tank wash